PowerLite TR5-6 Ultralightweight MicroStart

£302.50 ex VAT | £363.00 inc VAT

  • Only 2.45 kg
  • 12 x 14 cms
  • No need to remove manifold
  • Two versions for standard and TTV flywheels

How much more weight reduction is possible? The previous Racetorations TR5-6 lightweight high powered starter (RAC100) was compact at 4.15 kg., 14-16cms. We are launching a new micro lightweight TR5-6 starter weighing in at 2.45 kg. 14 x 12 cm. So compact that the removal of exhaust manifold and induction equipment to be able to remove/replace the starter, is no longer necessary. Of course the 'competition' fraternity will welcome this further reduction of 1.7 kg. (3.75 lbs). Select standard ring gear for standard flywheel and BEN202 flywheel and also 2000/2000TC, 2500PI & TVR. Otherwise select TTV flywheel if this is fitted to your TR5-6.


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