Sterling “Rattler” Torsional Vibration Crankshaft Damper, Competition – TR5-6

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  • Recommended for competition and high revving fast road engines
  • Proven track-record in motorsport conditions
  • Reduces harmonic issues
  • Use with BEN209-6R for best results
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This Sterling "Rattler" torsional vibration crankshaft damper suitable for TR5-6 engines is recommended for competition and high revving engines that require extra damping to reduce harmonic issues. Our crankshaft damper BEN219-56 is suitable for road and fast road use when the engine is not running at high RPM for long periods of time. If you are purchasing our steel crankshafts either BEN209-6 or BEN209-6R we recommend this damper is used alongside them.

Below is a description of how the "Rattler" works and why dampers are critical to the longevity and performance of an engine. The following text has been provided by Vibration Free, the manufacturers of the Sterling Damper.

The Sterling Damper Torsional Vibration Absorbers are pendulum absorbers developed to control amplitudes of vibration and angle of crankshaft twist like no other design. Their ability to absorb, rather than dampen, is the key to their success. The Sterling Rattlers are effective for the entire rpm range and they extend crankshaft and bearing life. The Rattlers also allow the engine to run more smoothly, which can potentially increase valve-train stability and life. Their design does not utilise viscous fluids and they require virtually no maintenance. Although we cannot guarantee that you will never experience another cracked block or crankshaft again. Our track record however, has thus far proven a significant reduction in this risk.

The Sterling Damper works by opposing the torsional forces created in the crankshaft by the power strokes. It has a number of rollers allowed to oscillate or shuttle within pockets, causing a counteractive force to those damaging the crank.


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