TR2-4A Racetorations Rocker Cover

£324.50 ex VAT | £389.40 inc VAT

  • Two Breather Options
  • Unique Sealing
  • Three Variations


Racetorations cast aluminium rocker cover suitable for TR2-4A and Morgan +4.

The rocker cover is supplied with all the necessary fittings required for installation including a brass breather outlet and brass bung to allow for fitment either in the centre or rear of the cover. Also included is our neoprene seal (TEN208-24A) which is unique to Racetorations. The seal is contained in a channel so that gasket cannot move out sideways which is a major cause of oil leaks on other cover seal designs.

Three variations are available for this cover, standard finish, polished finish & crackle black finish. Note: the standard finish is supplied matt.

The five indentations on the carburettor side are to accommodate a full size socket on the half inch head nuts.


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