Jenvey Direct to Head Throttle Body Kit – TR5-6

£1,870.00 ex VAT | £2,244.00 inc VAT

  • Replacement for the original injection bodies or carburettor manifold
  • Bolts directly to the cylinder head, no extra manifold required.
  • Original Triumph plenum chamber can be used
  • Original throttle linkage can be used
  • Improved air flow over original bodies
  • Supplied with injectors

Jenvey Dynamics with assistance from Racetorations have developed a direct to head electronic fuel injection throttle body kit suitable for TR5-6 engines. This kit replaces the original Lucas fuel injection bodies in their entirety. By bolting directly to the head without the need of an extra manifold this allows the engine bay to remain truer to the original when compared to fitting DCOE style throttle bodies. They have been developed to improve air flow over the original which in turn has improved air/fuel mix.

Air horns can be fitted or the original Triumph plenum chamber can be used. The original throttle linkage can also be used.

The kit includes the bodies, injectors & the one-way valve for the brake servo. The throttle position sensor is sold separately.

Racetorations can supply all the necessary equipment and knowledge in order to integrate this kit and or indeed any other electronic fuel injection kit to your car.


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