Racetorations J-Type Steel Bushed Gearbox

£1,320.00 ex VAT | £1,584.00 inc VAT

  • Fully rebuilt all steel gearbox suitable for J-Type overdrives
  • Fitted originally to later TR6’s but will fit earlier cars with an adapter plate
  • All components are fully cleaned, checked and reassembled with new high quality bearings & seals
  • Gearbox casing vapour blasted to check for cracks and give a clean finish
  • If no exchange unit is supplied a surcharge is applied

Racetorations have over 30 years of development in modifying the TR gearbox. Our gearboxes are used worldwide. They are reliable and extremely strong. This gearbox uses a specially made layshaft which is hardened to approximately twice the standard depth. The lay gear modifications use high speed bearings that halves the point load on the lay-shaft. Synchro rings are competition type hand toleranced into each unit. All bushes fitted are steel as the brass versions found in most TR boxes do not withstand the loadings experienced in a modified car. The boxes have been used in TR Register championship winning TR4s and TR6s as well as in our 230 BHP Talisman TR6 and many other TRs built to circa 200 BHP+. This gearbox is a direct replacement for a standard unit and allows for a J-type overdrive to be fitted.
Please see part number GER007 for the box and delivery options.



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