1963 Triumph GTR4 Dove


  • 1963 Triumph GTR4 Dove
  • 1 of 43 built
  • Fully restored by Racetorations in the 90’s and still owned by that customer
  • Powder blue exterior with blue interior trim
  • Available for sale £37,500 O.V.N.O
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Racetorations is pleased to offer for sale this beautiful Triumph GTR4 Dove finished in powder blue with blue interior.

The Dove is the rarest production TR4 model with only 43 manufactured between 1963 -1964. Harrington Motor Bodyworks of Sussex were commissioned by Dove Motor cars of Wimbledon to produce the hand crafted coupe shape. This particular example was fully rebuilt by Racetorations in the 1990's to an extremely high standard and the car remains in excellent condition today.

Please contact Racetorations on +44 01427 616565 for more details.
£37,500 O.V.N.O


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