Our Beliefs.

Racetorations is dedicated to providing the highest quality work possible, and through this dedication and commitment, Racetorations are able to do the work right first time and retain each car owner as a lifetime customer. Our mission statement is simple;

‘’Racetorations will help our customers turn their dreams into reality, through the provision of the highest possible levels of quality and service.’’

Racetorations is widely considered as one of the best rebuilders of classic cars out there. Attention to detail, pride of workmanship and ultimate performance are second to none. Each of these ingredients are both corner-stones of the company, and a way of life for the Racetorations staff and management!

All Racetorations-built road, rally and race cars are built with no compromise to quality in mind. Having a global customer-base, means that Racetorations is truly a giant in the classic car restoration world.

Then and Now.

1986 saw the formation of Racetorations by Darryl Uprichard. Following his illustrious racing career in his TR3 (600 BPC), demand was high for his unique racing modifications to his high-powered straight four engine, and heavily modified suspension. Since then, the business has continually expanded, and now sits on a 10,000sqft site, in Gainsborough, North West of the city of Lincoln. The purpose-built building houses a state-of-the-art spray booth, all the welding and fabricating equipment necessary, and a dedicated engine, gearbox and axle shop.

Since its formation, Racetorations has constantly developed new and innovative products to improve the look, quality and performance of both 4 and 6 cylinder TRs, proven on the track by championship winning cars and on the road by more standard cars. Today Racetorations built cars have a worldwide reputation for quality and performance considered by many to be the finest fast road, rally and race cars ever built.

While Racetorations specialises in Triumph TRs, we have also completed extraordinary work on all sorts of other marques, including most recently a 1967 Alfa Romeo 105 Coupe.

Our People.

As with many companies, our people are the key to our success. So meet the team!

Jono is our most experienced workshop technician, and joined the company in 1990!

Just to confuse, we have two Dans. Dan W is our head engine/gearbox and differential technician having joined us in 2015 from a Ferrari workshop. Dan H first worked with us as part of his university course, thankfully that didn't put him off joining us full time. Dan H looks after the body shop and brings a lot of TR experience due to his previous interest in the mark.

Sam looks after the main workshop and is our electrical technician with a wide range of TR knowledge. Experienced in engine/gearbox and differential building, after being recognized as his years’ top student at college he joined Racetorations from school in 2010. Sam assisted in the build of the first ever 4 Cylinder TR engine with twin fuel injectors per cylinder, and the wonderful 1967 twin-cam Alfa 105 engine pictured below!

Stuart is another long-standing member of the Racetorations family, joining the team in 1988! Stuart is a highly skilled Engineer and also takes-care of interior trim and detailing.

Racetorations is also committed to training the next generation of classic car restorers, and normally has two young apprentices per year, assisting the head technicians. Without these youngsters, the classic car industry would be under threat, so it is important for the company to invest in their future.

Rebuilding your Dream Car

Racetorations offer a wide variety of services, including full and part rebuilds, engine, gearbox and axle rebuilds, servicing, bodywork and re-spraying, custom design work and manufacturing. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Once you bring your car to Racetorations, you can be confident it will not leave again until your expectations have been exceeded. During builds, you will have close contact with the company, and be kept informed of progress via extensive emails and pictures. No aspect of your build will be off-limits, and we are happy to discuss custom work, which is supported by our in-house design team. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and get in touch to discuss your dreams.